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Verifying the Integrity of your Game Cache will fix your install if there are corrupted or missing files in your game. When you try to launch the game again, the game will be fixed if Steam finds. Steam Servers. We do not allow individual posts about the steam servers being down. [Resolved] Missing file privileges error? If anyone in the future has this problem, download a file unlocker, I used lockhunter, and use that to terminate the processes keeping the files from being deleted. Steam, why does it keep losing files? (verify cache). No missing files. Then there's steam, i have around 160 games, some i haven't played in a while, but are installed and some that i play all.

Im at a loss for help now. i thought this was just a simple steam error but now i see its something much more complicated.
So here is the story.
Recently a problem has happened where i was denied access to downloading game files for a game. I NEVER encountered this before and whenever i try to gain access it says 'access is denied' i wouldn't be making it a big problem if i was just a normal user, but i am an admin. and it isn't letting me gain access what-so-ever. So i consulted steam. But they made no effort in helping.
So i contacted Microsoft twice. The first time the answer the guy gave me was to uninstall and install it. i did that but it wouldn't let me install it and the aforementioned 'Missing file privileges' happened. So i was stuck in limbo for about a while until i contacted them a second time. He said to
type 'msconfig' into start and go to system configuration then services then hide all Microsoft services and disable all. This sort of worked however i was left with nothing but steam. no protection, no use of headphones. Practically made me disable everything.
did i mention this all came out of nowhere? because it did and everything worked fine for the game but now everything went downhill so fast that now I'm here asking for help
any ideas?

Let's say I have a game bought on retail/other digital download and installed on my hard drive. I buy the same game (or a minor variant of it, say the GOTY edition) on Steam. It should be possible to use the existing installation to avoid the generally big downloads. This is very useful as it saves both bandwidth and time.

Previously, as far as I understood, Steam downloaded the game files directly to steamsteamappscommon<game_name>. Since this folder would be created on starting the download, pausing and closing steam, copying the game files to this folder and then validating game files would make Steam absorb as much as possible and just download the missing files.

Steam Download Paused Missing File Privileges


Currently, Steam downloads the files to steamsteamappsdownloading<game_id> and then moves them over to the aforementioned folder once the download finishes. So first of all, what the final folder would be is not clear. So what would be the correct way of doing the same thing, that is, make steam use as much of the existing files as possible? Should the files be copied to downloading*, or should I figure out the actual folder (say via googling) and copy the files to steamappscommon*?

More specifically, I had a retail copy of Arkham City installed and I just bought the GOTY version on Steam. Now I tried both of the above things, in either case, the validating does not seem to do anything. Assuming I have the correct folder name steamappscommonBatman Arkham City GOTY, according to this, if I copy the files there, Steam seems to just continue with its 17GB download. If I copy it to steamappsdownloading200260 then the download keeps stopping every few seconds with 'Disk Write Error' after modifying 1 or 2 files, and I have to keep hitting resume.


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I think the following is the correct way to currently do what I wanted:

  1. Ensure that Steam thinks the game is not installed. Close Steam just to be sure.
  2. Copy the game files to SteamAppscommon<game_name>, where <game_name> is to be found out via googling/equivalent. In my specific instance, this was Batman Arkham City GOTY.
  3. Launch Steam and install the game. The installation will go through a 'Discovering existing files for _' stage.
  4. Watch and wait as it downloads only the missing parts.

I still have to download 9.8 GB though (instead of 17) in my specific case.


Actually you can bind a steam app folder simply from the steam gui!

view -> settings -> download -> steam library folder

and then choose your shared steam folder. Also now steam let you choose where download games; i hove NOT tested cross-gaming (using the same folder on windows and linux), but just relinked my folder (somehow steam lost track of my external HDD) and everythings work fine.

Tested having game in different HDD/partition and works fine. If you Start up steam without external HDD, a reboot of steam is needed to let it 'see' the folder


This solution should work if the game is displaying in the library folder in Steam with the words 'update required' written next to it but the game won't recognize the existing game files on the hard drive.

-Pay close attention to these steps!!!-

  1. -Important- First go to your games folder either in SteamSteamAppsCommon or whatever folder you've already copied the game to and make a copy of the game to a different destination on the hard drive other than in the Steam folder or copy it to a external hard drive as a back up. The next step will delete the game folder in the SteamSteamAppsCommon directory. So this is why this is important.

  2. Go to your Steam library and right click on the game that is causing the issue and then click 'delete local content'. This will delete the game file from the Steam library and from the Steam directory on the hard drive.

  3. Now copy the games folder back into the common folder located in SteamSteamAppsCommon from the location we had copied it to before in step #1

  4. Finally open Steam, the game title should now be grey-ed out in the Steam library and when you right click on it, it should say 'install game...' click on install game and choose the games directory for installation (usually the the default one) is the one to choose, click next, Agree... now it should say discovering existing files... (this is a good thing) and click finish. Now it should work.

If so congratulations! if not idfk what will work but this seemed to work for me. If it did work for you please leave a comment so i can be sure this is a solution that others can use.

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Issue solved:

Hope this helps you guys.

  1. Go to View > Settings > Downloads
  2. On STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS add the folder on the unit where you want to have your games (must be empty, Steam will prompt if not) and close.
  3. Go to that folder and you should have the following structure:
    • new_folder>
      • SteamApps> <- create this folder! (no '>'...)
      • common> <--- create this folder! (where games go)
      • downloading> <--- won't exist unless are downloading something
      • appmanifest_xxx.acf <--- copy all the appmanifest_xxx.acf files you have
  4. Copy all the games folders from your old .../common/ folder to the new location (into the new .../common/ folder you just created).

At this point games will not work. This will make your Steam recognize your games...

  1. Copy all appmanifest_xxx.acf files from from the old .../steamapps/ folder into the new one. THIS IS WHAT MAKES STEAM SEE THE GAMES. For each game there is one manifest.

  2. Play the game.




Tried everything and this worked:

Step 1: go to settings/backup or restore game on a computer that has the game ---> choose game to backup and where to back it up to.Step 2: go to settings/backup or restore game ---> choose file to restore on the computer that you want it on. Click install and you are all ready to go.

If you cant understand what I have said just watch the youtube video

Hope it helps

Missing File Privileges Steam

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Steam Download Missing File Privileges

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