Pennco Boiler Serial Number

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Boiler installed 2 days ago now won't fire.

Hoping for some help.

Had a burnham series 2 nat gas boiler installed a couple days ago and all was well.

This evening I noticed the house temp dropped.

Boiled had a code: STA 15

Found some forum post to try bypassing the vent block switch, no luck. Try bypassing the flame rollout switch, no luck. Apparently this might also be caused by a bad draft condition, but I don't know how to address that.

Pennco Boilers Manual

Any thoughts? Any advice? Anyone seen this code before.

I tried calling the installer but their '24/7' number just ring and rings. Was hoping to have at least some heat until I can get them back here.

Pennco Boiler Serial Number


EDIT: Low water cutoff was tripped and had to be bypassed until a replacement is installed in a couple days.

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