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Download Pelli choopulu 2016 webrip x264 5 1ch esubs 1cd team jaffa Subtitles (subs - srt files) in all available video formats. Subtitles for Pelli choopulu 2016 webrip x264 5 1ch esubs 1cd team jaffa found in search results bellow can have various languages and frame rate result. Pelli Choopulu (English: Matchmaking) is a 2016 Indian Telugu language, romantic comedy film written and directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam. On the one hand when I vote for black students are concerned administrators. Im proud to say 34 declared candidates that outlets have completely failed for travel for.

Pelli Choopulu
Directed byTharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Produced by
  • Raj Kandukuri
  • Yash Rangineni[1]
Screenplay byTharun Bhaskar Dhaassyam
Story byTharun Bhaskar Dhaassyam
Music byVivek Sagar
CinematographyNagesh Banell
Edited byRavi Teja Girijala
Distributed bySuresh Productions [Overseas by FreezeFrameFilms]
Release date
Running time
118 minutes

Pelli Choopulu (transl.Matchmaking) is a 2016 Indian Telugu-languageromantic comedy film written and directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam and produced by Raj Kandukuri and Yash Rangineni. It features Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma in the lead roles. The film revolves around a boy and a girl who meet during a match-making, how their aspirations brings them together forms the rest of the story.

The film was released worldwide on 29 July 2016 to positive reviews from critics and became a commercial success.[2][3] The film provided breakthrough for the film's cast and crew.

The film won two National Film Awards for Best Telugu film, and Best Screenplay – Dialogues, two Filmfare Awards, and the SIIMA Award for Best Film.[4][5] The film was remade in Hindi as Mitron (2018) and in Malayalam as Vijay Superum Pournamiyum (2019).

  • 3Production


Prasanth (Vijay Deverakonda) goes to Chitra's (Ritu Varma) house for a ″pelli choopulu″ (matchmaking). He is a guy who completes his BTech by clearing many subjects for almost 5 years, but he is also lazy and incapable of doing any work. His dream is to become a chef and open a restaurant, but he doesn't get any support from his father. Chitra is a very focused girl who works hard to fulfill her dreams of going to Australia. However, her father shows no interest, as she is a girl. When both of them meet at the pelli choopulu her younger cousin, Subhash, accidentally locks the door and they get stuck. To pass time, they talk about their past.

Chitra reveals that she was in love with a North Indian guy named Vikram. They both wanted to start a food truck business. Vikram went to Delhi to talk with his father about their love and business. Meanwhile, Chitra started her plan eagerly, and was ready to surprise Vikram by buying the truck. Then things went wrong and Vikram did not come back overpowered by greed of getting dowry. Chitra and her father waited for him but when they realised Vikram wasn't coming back, her father decided to get her married to someone else.

On his turn, Prasanth reveals that he was unemployed and always went out with his two friends. He, along with his friends, made cooking videos, as he is passionate about cooking. But it wasn't profitable enough so, they plan to make prank videos and were caught red-handed by Prashant's father, which ended their plan. He then got a job in a call centre after he was recommended by his father. He started going out with a girl to show off to his friends, but she cheated on him. He found out about it only when her second boyfriend called him at work, and quit his job after having a fight with his boss.

It is then revealed that Prasanth came to the wrong address for his pelli choopulu. Later, Prasanth goes to his actual pelli choopulu, which was with a rich family. Meanwhile, Chitra tells the guy coming to her pelli choopulu that she's not interested in marriage. The family of Prasanth's bride wanted him to be able to run a business, so he and Chitra decide to operate the food truck themselves, with Prasanth as the chef, and Chitra in charge of the business side of things. At first, they face many difficulties, mainly through Prasanth's and his friends' laziness as well as fighting with Chitra and giving up the food truck.

Prasanth visits Chitra's house and informs her father that he should be proud to have such a responsible daughter. He also claims that if he ever gets a child he would wish to have daughter like Chitra and insists him that he let her pursue her dreams. Chitra understands the good nature of Prasanth and later convinces his father that he is a natural cook by cooking them Prasanth's recipe. They kickstart their business with the support from both their parents. After this, their food truck becomes a smashing success. In the process, they fall in love without realising it, but both of them are engaged to other people, so they drift apart. After realising they love each other, they come back together through a radio show organised by their friend, with the support of their family and friends.


  • Vijay Deverakonda as Prasanth
  • Ritu Varma as Chitra
  • Priyadarshi Pullikonda as Kaushik
  • Abhay Bethiganti as Vishnu
  • Nandu as Vikram
  • Anish Kuruvilla as Businessman
  • Kedar Shankara as Prashant's Father
  • Yogi Khathri as Event Manager
  • Padmaja Lanka as Prashanth's Mother
  • Gururaj Manepalli as Chitra's Father
  • Sujata Gosukonda as Chitra's Mother
  • Anisha Alla as Prashanth's Ex-Girlfriend



After making numerous short films including Sainma, Tharun Bhasker made his directorial debut with this film.[6] According to Tharun, Pelli Choopulu 'is a very urban comedy set in a middle class in Hyderabad. It shows the contrast between the old and young generations and the comedy of errors that can happen within the space.'[7] Tharun had this basic idea of two contrasting personalities meeting for match-making, both getting stuck in a room is a metaphor for datign while food truck is a metaphor for live-in relationship.[6]


Ritu Verma who earlier worked in Tharun's short films was selected as lead actress while Vijay Deverakonda who portrayed a supporting role in Yevade Subramaniam (2014) made his debut as lead actor with this film.[8] Vijay agreed to do this role as he found it 'realistically very lazy' and 'so close to my heart because young attitude, irresponsible behavior was a part of my personal life'.[9]


Tharun shot the entire film in sync sound as he feels it offers freedom for artists to improvise their dialogues. The sync sound equipment from Mumbai, that was used for Gangs Of Wasseypur was used for this film.[7] The filming was completed within 35 days.[9]

Themes and influences[edit]

Tharun followed character arcs from Knocked Up (directed by Judd Apatow). For the food truck business thread, Tharun revealed he drew inspirations from films like 100 foot journey and Chef.[6]


This film has six songs composed by Vivek Sagar and lyrics are written by Rahul Ramakrishna, Shreshta, Shri, & Nikhil Bharadwaj. Music released on Madhura Audio.

Pelli Choopulu English Subtitles Download

Vivek Sagar earlier composed music for Tharun Bhasker's short film Sainma, he revealed that the film's music was conceived only after the film was shot.[10] 'With no lip sync songs, the music blended in with the narrative', he said.[11]

Pelli choopulu
Soundtrack album to Pelli choopulu by
Vivek Sagar
Released29 July 2016
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelMadhura Audio
ProducerVivek Sagar
Vivek Sagar chronology
Pelli choopulu
'Yuddham Sharanam'
Track listing
1.'Ee Babu Gariki'Rahul RamakrishnaSooraj Santhosh3:10
2.'Chinuku Taake'ShreshtaAmritavarshini KC4:38
3.'Raalu Raaga Poolamala'Rahul Ramakrishna, ShriShri, Wilson Herald2:83
4.'Merise Merise'ShreshtaHaricharan, Pranavi Acharya4.64
5.'Aanandamayenu'InstrumentalTejas Mallela (violin), Ranjani Sivakumar (singer)1:41
6.'Spitfire Friends'Nikhil BharadwajNikhil Bharadwaj2:82
Total length:19:18


  • Best Film – Dharmapatha Creations & BigBen Cinemas
  • National Film Award for Best Screenplay – Dialogues – Tharun Bahascker Dassyam

Pelli Choopulu English Subtitles Download Full

Pelli Choopulu English Subtitles Download

Pelli Choopulu Full Movie English Subtitles Download

Filmfare Awards
  • Best Film – Telugu – Yash Rangineni & Raj Kandukuri
  • Critics Best Actress – Telugu – Ritu Varma
SIIMA Awards
Nandi Awards
  • Best Film (Gold) – Dharmapatha Creations & BigBen Cinemas
  • Best Actress – Ritu Varma


Pelli Choopulu was remade in Hindi as Mitron (2018),[12] and in Malayalam as Vijay Superum Pournamiyum (2019) starring Asif Ali.[13] In 2016, Gautham Menon bought the remake rights for Tamil,[14] but the version, titled Pon Ondru Kandein, failed to take off.[15]


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Pelli Choopulu With English Subtitles

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