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Pathways toward personal progress download torrent pdf
This study determined the effectiveness of a conflict resolution curriculum on the attitudes and interactions of 18 seventh-grade students at a suburban middle school that served predominantly Caucasian, middle-class students. Students completed the curriculum 3 days per week for 7 weeks. Before and after the program, students filled out the Mantovani Survey on Students' Attitudes about Conflicts, which had students rate 30 statements related to attitudes toward conflicts (what they thought conflict was, types of conflicts experienced, how conflicts were resolved, behaviors during conflict situations, and their role and responsibility in the conflicts). Each student received a conflict resolution journal that contained handouts for use with the conflict resolution curriculum to help them become aware of their feelings, reactions, and personal progress in response to the curriculum. Students shared in their journals the actual conflicts they encountered and how they resolved them. Each week, they filled out a conflict journal log sheet. The project director also kept a journal to record informational observations during the 7-week conflict resolution curriculum. Data analysis indicated that there were significant changes in students' attitudes toward conflicts and how to resolve them following implementation of the curriculum. Students became more effective in resolving conflicts once they participated in the curriculum. (Contains 30 references.) (SM)

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