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  • Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story

    from 1091

    Lisa Andersen is one of surfing’s few transcendent stars. A 4x world champ and inductee into the Surfer Hall of Fame, she is a true icon.

  • €8.83

    Queen Maud Land

    from Cedar Wright

    A dream team of six elite climbers mount an expedition to one of the world's last great climbing frontiers: the remote frozen towers of Antarctica.

  • €8.86

    Third Eye Spies

    from 1091

    Revealed for the first time, this is the newly declassified true story of America’s psychic spies.

  • €10.60

    Cuban Food Stories

    from Asori Soto

    From director Asori Soto and the executive producers of Jiro Dreams of Sushi comes a unique film about food, society, and culture on the island of Cuba.

  • €12.99

    Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different

    from Monoduo Films

    Funk Queen Betty Davis changed the landscape for female artists in America.

  • €11.54

    The Human Race

    from Gravitas Ventures

    THE HUMAN RACE is an inspirational full-length documentary about six runners, all over the age of 50.

  • €11.37


    from Gravitas Ventures

    The 2018 SXSW Audience Award-winning feature film.

  • €7.07

    People's Republic of Desire

    from TripodMedia

    In a real-life Black Mirror story, two live streamers seek fame, fortune and human connection in China's digital idol-making universe.

  • €8.81

    Herb & Dorothy

    from Fine Line Media

    The extraordinary story of Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk, and Dorothy Vogel, a librarian, who built one of the most important contemporary art collections.

  • €11.49


    from Studio Nominum

    WONDERFUL LOSERS: A DIFFERENT WORLD – Lithuania’s Official Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Documentary.

  • Rams

    from Film First

    'The man who all but invented consumer product design as we know it today.' —The Guardian

  • €9.71


    from CAT&Docs

    Palestinian farm laborer Emad has five video cameras, and each of them tells a different part of the story of his village's resistance to Israeli oppression.

  • €17.53

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

    from 1091

    In 1989, physicist Bob Lazar broke the story of Area 51 and the US government's work on alien spacecrafts. He blew the whistle and shocked the world.

  • Yo Galgo

    from Skinny Dog Films

    An exposé of the sharp divide between animal rights and the traditions of Spain.

  • €8.82

    The Dawn Wall

    from 1091

    In 2015, American rock climbers captivated the world with their effort to climb the Dawn Wall, a seemingly impossible 3,000 ft rock face in Yosemite Park, CA.

  • €10.58

    China's van Goghs

    from CAT&Docs

    Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime, but Zhao Xiaoyong has sold over 90,000 copies of van Gogh’s paintings in the past 20 years.

  • €10.66

    The New Fire

    from The New Fire

    What if the solution to climate change is hiding in plain sight?

  • €14.99

    The End Of Time

    from Peter Mettler

    Working at the limits of what can easily be expressed, filmmaker Peter Mettler takes on the elusive subject of time.

  • #BeRobin The Movie

    from Mar Ronquillo

    An award winning documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign, inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.

  • Storyboard P, a stranger in Sweden

    from Handmade by Daphne

    Storyboard P glides smoothly through the snow, carving shapes with his slender limbs. Will the talented dancer finally get his break?


    from American Film Foundation

    Against a backdrop of sex, politics, and race, Anita: Speaking Truth to Power reveals the story of a woman who has empowered millions to stand up for equality.

  • €6.99

    My Human Self

    from story studios

    The middle-aged and unemployment Kostas creates a social kitchen with which he cooks on the streets of Greece every day, trying to come closer to people in need

  • James TURRELL

    from carine asscher

    A pilot for many years, James TURRELL is today the greatest American Land Art artist and considers the sky as his studio.

  • €11.20

    Of Sheep and Men

    from Gravitas Ventures

    In an Algerian community, one man wants to train his prized ram to be a champion fighter, while the other just wants to sell enough sheep to make ends meet.

  • €12.29

    The Islands and the Whales

    from Intrepid Cinema

    On the Faroe Islands, hunting and fishing practices are being threatened by animal rights activism, plummeting wildlife populations, and rising mercury levels.

  • €11.01

    Paper Lanterns

    from Gravitas Ventures

    On August 6th, 1945, among the tens of thousands that lost their lives in the bombing of Hiroshima, were 12 American POWs.

  • €8.56

    On Day Eight

    from Journeyman Pictures

    One financial crisis. Seven tense days.

  • €7.78

    Who Took Johnny

    from rumur

    WHO TOOK JOHNNY is an examination into the infamous thirty-year-old cold case behind the disappearance of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch.

  • €6.04


    from Cyclingnews Films

    A documentary that goes behind the scenes at the biggest bike race in the world, the 2018 Tour de France, with the most successful team this year, Quick-Step Fl

  • The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen

    from Women Make Movies

    The life of Angela Bowen who grew up during the Jim Crow era, and went on to become a classical ballerina, a legendary dance teacher, and activist.

  • €3.95

    Dominion (2018)

    from Aussie Farms

    Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture.

  • €12.95

    Anote's Ark

    from ro*co films

    What do you do when your nation is being swallowed by the sea? Kiribati, population 100,000, is destined to disappear within decades.

  • How To Grow A Band

    from How To Grow A Band

    An intimate documentary about American mandolin virtuoso and MacArthur 'genius' Chris Thile as he navigates a major turning point in his life and musical career

  • €4.28

    Sprout Wings And Fly

    from Les Blank Films

    This touching tribute to Appalachian culture profiles legendary, old-time fiddler Tommy Jarrell.

  • €11.04

    Real Fake: The Art, Life and Crimes of Elmyr de Hory

    from Gravitas Ventures

    A documentary about one of history’s most notorious art forgers. Was Elmyr de Hory a master criminal or brilliant artist?

  • Ronnie Coleman: The King

    from The Vladar Company

    In the bodybuilding word, Ronnie Coleman is known as The King. He achieved the impossible - learn how and the price he paid.

  • €7.78

    Seven Second Love Affair

    from Les Blank Films

    Les Blank’s first documentary photography job shooting Drag Racers in Long Beach, CA, driving everything from hopped up “Mercs” to Supercharged “Rail Dragsters”

  • €5.99

    In the Shadow of the Hill

    from Future Paradigm Pictures

    The residents of Rio de Janeiro's largest slum seek justice for a local bricklayer they believe has been murdered by the police.

  • €8.53


    from Journeyman Pictures

    Heraldo Rial is the eighty-year-old cattle rancher in charge of one thousand hectares of Patagonian wilderness. He is one of the last 'gauchos'.

  • €11.10

    The Fabulous Allan Carr

    from Jeffrey Schwarz

    Allan Carr built his bombastic reputation producing the hit movie GREASE and Broadway sensation LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, but it all came crashing down.

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