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Without download links. V1.0 my horror I found other versions and even ALttP and Parallel Remodel roms linked to this and now I'm livid again. Zelda Parallel Worlds. Zelda Bootleg Games. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 25 - Duration: 12:40. 1-16 of 100 results for 'legend of zelda parallel worlds'. Special GOLD Edition The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds Remodel 1.1 SNES Fan Game. ESRB Rating: Everyone. Currently unavailable. 5 out of 5 stars 1. SNES Fan Game The Legenda of Zelda: Parallel Worlds Remodel. Audible Download Audiobooks. Legend Of Zelda Parallel Worlds Date Added: 2016-02-16 Genres: Adventure Games Description: This is one fun Zelda fan made game where you must make a break for it to get out of this fortress by sneaking out of the guard house.

Play Zelda Parallel Worlds - Remodel online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Zelda Parallel Worlds - Remodel is a rom hack of Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!
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Zelda Parallel Worlds - Remodel Game Description

Parallel Remodel is a remodeled version of the famous Zelda3 hack Parallel Worlds, that we all know as an extremely difficult game. Parallel Worlds is altogether a great technological marvel, with new gfx, various asm patches, completely new overworld and dungeons etc. It has the potential of being even better than Alttp, but the gameplay is somewhat too radical. The backtracking was (in not so rare occasions) escalated to the extreme, the same goes for the health of some enemies. Some intellectual problems in the dark world dungeons are algorithm marvels: sure this is a good thing for math (Euclid really fits his nickname), but this is not a good thing for the player, who can easily give up.
Thus the idea of a remodel was born and was approved by SePH. Parallel Remodel therefore brings the difficulty to normal: backtracking was reduced almost to zero, algorithm problems were replaced, various semi bosses were reduced, special stunts like bomb jumping etc were removed, dark rooms are now lit etc.
Parallel Remodel is a game that�s fair to the player and doesn�t want to force any super tricks, stunts or logic to finish the game, while still having a decent difficulty. It makes Parallel Worlds enjoyable. You don�t have to use save states or cheats to finish the game. You don�t have to be a veteran or a super player either. You will not be frustrated while playing.
Parallel Remodel recreates Parallel Worlds according to the 6 years of revisions from players all over the globe. It is suitable for beginners and veterans, for those who have failed at Parallel Worlds and for those who have finished it, since this game is a lot more than just a plain reduction of sprites.
08-12-13 06:39 PM
5/5Edit Screenshot
Cares not for dead uncle just the sword
08-12-13 06:37 PM
5/5Edit Screenshot
Location: Church Passage
I am not looking forward to this next part
04-06-13 05:44 PM
4.9/5Edit Screenshot
You're as slow as Christmas!! Hurry UP!!!!!!
04-20-13 08:13 AM
4.6/5Edit Screenshot
Im stuck how do i get the red cane?
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Zelda Parallel Worlds - Remodel Review by: thudricdholee - 9.8/10

AMAZING but Still Very Difficult.
Quote: 'Parallel Remodel is a game that’s fair to the player and doesn't want to force any super tricks, stunts or logic to finish the game, while still having a decent difficulty. It makes Parallel Worlds enjoyable. You don’t have to use save states or cheats to finish the game. You don’t have to be a veteran or a super player either. You will not be frustrated while playing.'
I find myself having to point this out because it's just not true.
You WILL be frustrated.
You WILL find yourself abusing the save state so hard your finger gets sore from how hard you're jabbing the button.
However, if you're anything like me, you will find yourself enjoying the heck out of this game anyway.
The graphics in the original game are among my favorite Zelda graphics ever; they are crisp, clean, bright and easy to see. The hack and remodel make great use of these graphics, not blurring or changing things.
Just like the original in catchy tunes. I can't remember if they created anything new for this game or just remixed the original tunes, but it's a typically wonderful musical mix.
What can I say? I'm hooked. Just like with the original game, I can't put it down. It has all the tricky dungeons, surprising discoveries, and puzzling side quests of the original game, but totally new and shiny. And a few added features that are pretty neat too.
Honestly there's only so much you can do with a story without some serious graphics changes. The story feels a bit rushed and packed in-but then again, that's kind of a Zelda issue, not a hack issue. It's always 'dump Link into the world and hey, let's go rescue some princess you've never met'. It's kind of like the Mario franchise: how many times can you do essentially the same thing over and over and not have it be a bit stale, story-line wise?
As with any good Zelda game, there's a bunch of stuff to do. Sometimes you're just searching for hearts, sometimes you're helping people...it literally doubles the playing time of the game, which is a really great thing. The hack doesn't loose any of this charm; the side-quest puzzles are still there, the hearts are scattered for finding, and the secrets are still as fun to trip over as they used to be.
The difficulty level has been reduced by quite a bit. That part they're not lying about. I played the original for about two hours before I gave up crying. (Not literally, but pretty close.) I'm not a super awesome player of these games, and it was just too hard for me. But even while I bemoaned the difficulty level, I couldn't help but adore the graphics, the new mixture of levels, music and game-play, and the amazing work that went into this hack. I don't think I've ever seen a hack so well done.
None of which helped when I was killed by a swarm of minor creatures on the map level on the way to the first dungeon for the fifteenth time.
This game is easier. The balance is quite a bit more fair to the player and, as they stated, the backtracking has been highly reduced. However, you'll still find yourself dying a lot. A LOT. The enemies on the main world screen are out to get you; you'll be amazed (for awhile) and then resigned as you find yourself constantly under attack. The bosses are always hedged in with extra difficult little bits (more spikes, anyone?) and there's enemies on the main world screen that you just can't fight. (Beamos outside!)
There's times, when you're maneuvering through a big room full of enemies, spikes, moving platforms, Beamos and holes, that you're suddenly struck by the fact that this is the easy version????. But then you'll notice the details-some of the Beamos mysteriously don't shoot, for example. Watch a few videos of the original if you've never seen them-almost all the dungeon levels were dark, to begin with. It was insane.
So yes, this is the easy version. The decision to use the Save State button is up to you...but I'd highly recommend it, unless you like slogging through the same dungeon rooms twenty times.
The puzzle difficulty has been reduced as well. I haven't gotten to the legendary ex-algorithmic logic puzzles in the final dungeon yet, but I watched some videos and I had a hard time following someone else showing me how to do them...which didn't bode well for my chances if I'd ever made it there myself. Comparing the amount of back-tracking they had to do in a few of those videos with what I had to do, it's quite clear that they went above and beyond in their efforts to make it easier to do.
This is an amazing game. If you can handle some frustration, I highly recommend this game. I plan on beating the heck out of it, finding all the heart pieces, and digging out every last secret. The original was a marvel of hacking genius, and this remodel is a marvel of not reducing your players to quivering lumps of terror. Er, I mean, making the game easier to play.

Graphics 10 Sound 10 Addictive 10 Depth 10 Story 9 Difficulty 10
Overall 9.1 Graphics 10 Sound 10 Addictive 10Story 9Depth 10Difficulty 10

AMAZING but Still Very Difficult.thudricdholee
Quote: 'Parallel Remodel is a game that’s fair to the player and doesn't want to for...
Graphics 10 Sound 10 Addictive 10 Story 9 Depth 10 Difficulty 10

Review Rating: 4/5 Submitted: 12-10-12 Review Replies: 8
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Game Characters in Zelda Parallel Worlds - Remodel

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CrystalKnight 11-22-14 - 10:19 PM
Alright, I'll admit it, I'm having more fun playing this than Link to the Past. (Mostly because it's a challenge...) I don't understand why people whine about the 'no direction in the end' thing. I mean, THE GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD! But good game
M364 08-29-14 - 11:06 PM
not all that familiar with the original version, but i had all items except the quake medallion and whatever would be between the red cane and book.
M364 08-29-14 - 11:02 PM
by the end of the (1st quest) game, just before fighting the boss of the final dungeon, i was only 1 heart piece short of having all 20 heart containers. i know it's supposed to be on the adjoining pyramid top, but i think it's glitched. never showed up.
pandahero 07-02-14 - 05:53 PM
is dis gam gud er bc I want to play but not working :'(
CheezeMonkee 06-13-14 - 09:27 AM
This is a great and fun game, but gives absolutely zero direction to the player near the end, resulting in frustrating hours spent going in circles.
kyle543210 04-10-14 - 02:20 PM
this game refuses to play for me, it just keeps resetting back to the intro, is it being updated or what?
poke red 07-28-13 - 09:35 PM
hi guys
monkeyangel 01-22-13 - 12:56 PM
its fun but way hard
orionfoxgibson 12-06-12 - 12:27 AM
I kinda like this game. Its a fun hack.
AnonTheMouse 11-21-12 - 01:59 AM
Apparently, 'Save & Continue' means 'Restart with none of your progress... >_>
M364 10-16-12 - 07:22 PM
MUCH more enjoyable than the original release (so far)!!!
jk2112 10-12-12 - 06:10 PM
this is one cool hack! after playing parallel worlds, i really appreciate haviing access to this one. The only thing i would add to it is a title pic of the game on the front of the box for easy identification.
clasher 08-14-12 - 11:24 AM
monkeyangel 08-08-12 - 12:07 PM
its oaky
ROMs » Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) » L » Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) [Hack by Euclid+SePH v1.0] (~Legend of Zelda, The - Parallel Worlds)

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OverviewThe third installment in the Zelda series makes a return to the top-down 2D gameplay found in the first game. This time around, Link needs to travel between the light and dark world in order to set things straight in the kingdom of Hyrule.
2BKurupt rates this game: 5/5

Zelda: Parallel Worlds by Euclid & Seph, is a hack an extremely hard hack which is AMAZING! I haven't finished the game myself, but so far it's freaking hard and a fantastic game. If you're a true Link to The Past game expert than you must try this game. This is honestly one of my favorite HACKED GAMES! Please be calm while playing and keep your thoughts of stress away and enjoy this GAME and thank Euclid and Seph for their hard work n hard game!!

Digital rates this game: 4/5

The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds.
What can I say about this hack? Well, I should start with 'Zelda Pros Only' as this game is extremely difficult. It is easily 100 times harder than the original game, and I think I'm being lenient with that figure. However, that is what makes the game fun and sets it apart from actual Zelda games. It is a great challenge for those who find the Zelda series to be a bit too easy. If you play, plan on using Save States.
Now for the hack itself. The new graphics are amazing and everything just flows together nicely. The plot is nothing special, but it's good. The only real negative thing I have to say about it is that it is sometimes very difficult to figure out where to go next, causing you to run around the difficult overworld in every direction desperately trying not to die and find out where you need to be (or how to get there).
Overall, this is a great game, and extremely fun to play if you are very skilled at and love the Zelda franchise.

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