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Here are some tips for how to get free music for your iTunes and iPhone. Lifewire How to Get Free Music for iPhone and iTunes. Search the site GO. IPhone & iPod. Tips & Tricks. 13 Places to Get Free Music for iTunes and iPhone. Visit's Free Downloads page Live Music Archive. Download free music to iPhone from YouTube. Search for music in Freemake MP3 Boom software. Get high-quality music for Apple iPhone fast & easily.

Download Spotify app for free. Actually Free MP3Box is a streaming music app, but it seems to be the best solution. With it you don’t need to bother your head about all those downloads, finding storage space, etc.

I just bougth anew iphone 4… It has been great but the thng is, i can't download music. I had this site i used to go on my old phone (blackberry) called and it was great but now it doesn't want to download… I tried those stupid apps and they also don't work.
What i was wondering was if there was any way i could download free music on my phone!

ITunes stock app has legal music downloads and once a week, there's a promo for a free song. Anything that has all free music isn't legal unless you have permission from the musicians. If you want to listen to free music, you can stream music on Pandora Radio app, Tunein Radio, etc. But if you don't have unlimited data, it would be best on Wi-Fi only. Hope this sums it up.

A site like can let you download music for free… Its legal for them to keep the site up, but mostly illegal for you to use it.

your own data usage is tied to your phone plan which is tied to your identity so illegally downloading probably isn't a good idea.

  • Is there a real legit way to download free music into your iphone? I did limewire but alas! Forstwire doesn't work on my computer, i don't of my brother's friends has about 900 songs in their itunes icon on their phone and they did it for Please share?
  • Is there a free music app on the Iphone 5 that will download music? Is there a free music app on the Iphone 5 that will download music in my music folder? If so what app? If you know one and it ain't free how much is it?
  • If I download a payed app on my mac, can I download it for free on my iPhone? Just wondering=) Its a diary app. 'My wonderful days'. Not that it matters but I thought maybe because the entries are on icloud
  • How to download music to music to music library without jailbreak? I need a way to download music to iPhone 4 to the music library without jailbreak and downloading apps and without computer

Have you ever met this problem: you've bought new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, and restored it from an iTunes backup of the old iPhone. However, things didn't go smoothly, the music on the phone disappeared and you get confused. What will you do when you happen to encounter this kind of problem during downloading music on iPhone7? This post will show you three ways to download music on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: the first method is using EaseUS MobiMover Free - the easiest iPhone data transfer software to put music on iPhone; the second is using iTunes to restore a backup to iPhone and the last is using iCloud add music to iPhone. Read them one by one carefully.

Download music to iPhone 7/7 Plus With MobiMover Free

Want to import music from Window PC to iPhone 7/7 Plus without erasing the existing data caused by iTunes restore? Here, we recommend an iTunes alternative to you for easy music adding on iPhone, which is EaseUS MobiMover Free allows for transfer music files to iPhone from the folder or the file at a fast speed. With MobiMover, you can also transfer other files like videos, calendars, audiobooks, movies, photos and so on between iOS devices or between iOS device and PC.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the PC and tap 'Trust This Computer' on the iPhone screen to move on. Run EaseUS MobiMover and select 'PC to iDevice' to transfer music from computer to iPhone in with a single click.

Step 2: Drag & Drop music files or folder that you want to transfer. You can also select 'Add File' or 'Add Folder' to find the MP3 files/folders you need to transfer to your iPhone.

Step 3: MobiMover will load the music files as the sample image shows below.

Step 4: If the folder you have chosen includes other compatible data, MobiMover can send them all together at a time. If you don't want other content, click 'Edit', and select wanted files.

Step 5: Now, click Transfer to transfer music from computer to iPhone at a fantastic speed. MobiMover will save the music in the Music app on your iPhone.

Download music to iPhone 7/7 Plus with iTunes

Using iTunes to download and sync music to your iPhone 7/7 Plus is a common way, while the shortcoming is the existed data on your iPhone will be erased and covered completely. Before you start, make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version to avoid frequently occurred iTunes problems, like iTunes won't sync to iPhone that may be the reason for both iTunes and iPhone and iTunes apparent errors.

1. Run iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus to the computer with its original USB cable or Apple supportable USB cable and tap the Trust option on your iPhone 7/7 Plus to access.

2. Choose Music listed in the Settings control panel.

3. Click on Sync Music>you can choose Sync Entire music library or only selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.

4. Click Sync to download and add music to your iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Download music to iPhone 7/7 Plus with iCloud

If you back up your iPhone with iCloud, then you can download music on iPhone 7/7 Plus from iCloud.

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes. Open iTunes and log in with your iTunes account.

Free Music Download For Iphone 4

2. Go to the iTunes Store; choose Purchases on the right side of your iTunes screen.

3. Click Not in My Library on the upper right of the window.

Free Music Download For Iphone 4s

4. Click the cloud icon to download music from iCloud to iPhone7/7 Plus.

5. After downloading music from iCloud, you can re-download and add them to your iPhone with iTunes.