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My Talking Angela Unlimited Coins And Diamonds Mod APK is the game in which you will control Angela, a small cat, you will need to dress her for your favorite choice, make her hair and furnished the house. Yu can also feed special dishes for her growth.

  1. Download Mod Of My Talking Angela
  1. My Talking Angela is the female version of My Talking Tom, a Pou- or Tamagotchi-style game where you have to take care of the little cat Angela.
  2. FAQs of My Talking Angela APK. How to Transfer game progress to a new device? Before you uninstall My Talking Angela on your old phone, sign in to Google account to save your progress. Open ‘Settings’ within the app and choose ‘Connect to Goolge’. Download the newest version on the new device.

My Talking Tom Mod APK is definitely a great casual application for Android. The mod has already been downloaded about 24381 times on user’s favorite Android phone! You will love your mod game safely and we really believe that you will enjoy it for many hours at home, at school, on the subway or wherever you go with your Smartphone or Tablet!

My talking Tom – Take care of this cute talking cat. Feed it, play different mini-games with it, dress it in good clothes. Grow a unique happy cat. You can customize your appearance and design of the room, you can dress the cat in funny outfits. Play mini-games and get several achievements.

Features of My Talking Tom Mod APK:

  • Colorful graphics.
  • 10 different mini-games.
  • Variety of costumes and room decorations.
  • 9 different stages.
  • 110 levels.

My Talking Tom Mod APK Requirements and details:

You need an Android version 4.1 and higher versions of Android smartphones and tablets. Required storage space 77 MB or more. Internet connection does not require to play. Last update APK Version: Gender: Casual. No need to pay.

How to install My Talking Tom Mod APK

Download the My Talking Tom Mod APK. Move the APK file to your Smartphone or Tablet and install it (if it is on your mobile, simply install the APK by tapping it). Start the application and have fun.

My Talking Tom – Secrets and Tips

  • Accept your offers and notifications.
  • Do not overfeed a cat and study the features of food.
  • If you rewind the time ahead by translating the clock, the Cat will be hungry.
  • You can make money with a bunch of Facebook.
  • You can visit other Cats (the symbol under the level icon) and get paid for it.

My Talking Tom is one of the most popular games to date, ranking top in ratings and reviews in Google Play Store. Millions of people of all ages play it, raise their Tom, and daily take care of him and even talk! What did My Talking Tom like and what are the features of the game in comparison with other applications?

All actions with Tom are comparable to caring for a small child: feed, play, lay to sleep, wash, and take to the toilet. In the process of playing it grows, and with its maturity, new levels are opened, new possibilities, clothes and interior design of rooms appear. Besides this, you can talk with him: he will repeat with a funny, childish voice any word you said.

My Talking Tom: special facts of the application

Mini-games, present in the game, allow you to earn coins, improve the mood of a pet, and also cheer yourself. Arcade, race, logic games, memorization games, and others help to win bonuses, their number is replenished with the update My Talking Tom.

Upon reaching new levels, the character grows, acquires new qualities, as in real life.

The cat needs attention and attention, it is necessary to feed it, drive to the toilet, put it to bed, play, iron, wash and change the image. It all depends on his mood, and the more you visit Tom, the faster will open new levels.

Tom can express dissatisfaction, get angry, rejoice, and bored. He expresses emotions by which you can determine what exactly is missing your virtual pet.

Download game my talking angela mod apk data

To change the interior of rooms, change color, eye color, add character accessories or clothes, you should go to the store, which has a huge selection of things. Things are bought for coins earned in mini-games or they can be bought for real money.

The game allows you to create a unique character due to the variety of colors of fur, eyes, and accessories.

Interact with objects

To see Tom’s reaction, you need to click on a certain part of his body. By stroking it you can hear a purr and an increase in mood, and if you touch it by the tail or hold it over your stomach, you can see discontent, hiss.

Attend friends in the game My Talking Tom and check the chests in which coins and bonuses lie. See the interiors of their houses, study characters and communicate.

Fix the Download failed error

If the game does not want to start and this error occurs, you should do the following:

Download and install My Talking Tom. Download the cache. Unpack the cache. Find the folder and copy it with all its files to the obb folder. If the obb folder is missing, then create it yourself. Restart the phone and restart the game.

The application My Talking Volume is intended for people of all ages, it teaches children about caring for pets, what should be given time and not forget about the kitten. Adults will be able to remember their childhood and raise their spirits because emotions and Tom’s vocals are sweet and funny. So it’s worth downloading my talking volume on Android or iOS and has fun playing with a virtual pet.

The developers have tried and made the game process as interesting as possible, and even beautiful 3D graphics. The player’s responsibility is to care for the kitten. But in addition to care, you still need to cheer up the pet with different games. Small arcades are also very interesting and bring a great variety in so interesting “My Talking Tom”.



Download Mod Of My Talking Angela

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