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Quick sketch with Tarrant and Tarra
i think something's wrong with his sword -.-

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......ARrrrrr......Alice doesn't need a protector, she's a Champion!
well tarrant is glaring at someone, and he looks like he wants to hurt someone, and if the naive is the one he's glaring at... well you put it together.
aaaaaa yeah,he just protecting that girl, hatteress.
Come and get it lyrics
tarraxtarrant o3o! is a cute couple <3 and the drawing is cute too <3
Mnie tam miecz pasuje xd fajowo tak razem wyglądają,mimo,iż to raczej taka podniosła scenka.Powalają mnie te oczy *.* taki fajny wyraz

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no długo nad nimi pracowałam by wyszedł idealny wyraz.