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Dec 20, 2018  Age Of Empires 3 V1.14 Trainer +5 Options: Inf.Health Inf.Resources Super Population Instant Upgrade Instant Recruiting.

Age of Empires III: Complete Collection is a strategy game that includes elements of building and competing in battles. Though this is the third installment in the Age of Empires franchise, it enhances the graphics and changes the objectives to make the game a little more challenging.

When the game starts out, you have the chance to build your base camp. The more time you spend working on that camp, the more you can protect it against the armies that will invade later. Defending your camp early on is easy, but the difficulty of the game increases later on. This makes the game too challenging for younger players, though some players may prefer the earlier challenges to the later ones.

The only issue that many players have with this game is that it frequently uses the same tasks. It asks you to do a few things in the early levels and then brings back those same tasks a few levels later. That gives the game a slightly repetitive feel that you may not like. As those tasks and challenges are fairly different from those used in previous titles, you may like that the game offers something new and different.

Age of Empires III: Complete Collection comes with the full version of the game as well as an expansion pack that takes you to Asia. Called the Asian Dynasties pack, this gives you even more ways to play. You'll also get content that lets you play in Europe and as Native Americans. Both the sound effects and graphics on this edition are better than those found on previous installments.

The further you go in the game, the more you can do. Age of Empires III: Complete Collection comes with weapons and items that you can use to defend your fort, but some of those objects only appear later in the game. Unlocking those objects makes it easier to defend your camp and to fight back against those invaders. You'll also find that you can replay this game multiple times and find something new each time.


Age of Empires III: Complete Collection is a good game for anyone who liked the previous titles. While the game play is pretty similar, it comes with better graphics and improved sound effects. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of a real battle as you play.


  • Increases the amount of action from the last game
  • Comes with brand new objectives and challenges
  • Lets you explore the virtual world outside your own camp
  • Uses enhanced graphics that bring you into the game
  • Includes elements of both strategy play and building


  • Many of the tasks, especially later in the game, feel too repetitive
  • Doesn't come with as many story modes as some players would like
  • Lacks some of the strategy involved in similar games
  • Can be very frustrating at times
  • Puts more emphasis on building troops than anything else

The E3 trailer for Ensemble Studios' PC real-time strategy sequel Age of Empires III is now available for download.

The trailer gives you the chance to see AoE 3 in action, offering a minute and a half of both cinematic and in-game footage.

AoE III is set between 1500 and 1850 and sees you managing a European power struggling to explore, colonise and eventually conquer the Americas.

A range of new gameplay elements are promised, including the ability to develop a unique Home City back in your native country which supports your efforts in the New World.

You can take a much more direct role in the way battles play out, using both swords and gunpowder to see off the enemy - or lay down your weapons and make them your allies, if you prefer.

There are plenty of locations to explore - you can roam around the Amazonian jungle, find buried treasure on Caribbean islands, hunt bison on the Great Plains and fortify your settlements on the coast of New England, if you so fancy.

There are eight civilisations to choose from, and each has their own unique advantages - the British have a top class economy, while the Spanish get strong support from home and the French find it easy to make friends with Native Americans, for example.

Naturally we're promised stunning graphics, with new lighting effects that provide 'a softness and depth that is revolutionary to PC games'. And thanks to the brand new physics engine, you'll never see the same scene twice.

Age of Empires III will be rocking up on these shores, gunning down any rebels and giving everyone else typhoid later this year.

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